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In Nov.2016 Thinkpower solar Inverter S3000TL/S3600TL/S4400TL/S5000TL passed Brazil's Inmetro certification test. Thinkpower's solar Inverter Technology were recognized in Brazil market.
Meanwhile, Thinkpower will appear on the list of Inmetro Certification . and it indicates our solar inverters are qualified enough to be sold, used and installed in Brazil.

Inmetro  is National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology in Brazil, which was created by law in December, 1973, to support Brazilian enterprises, to increase their productivity and the quality of goods and services. Its major task is to improve the quality oflife of the ordinary citizen as well as to seek the competitiveness of the economy through metrology and quality.

Based on the good performance and innovative technology , Thinkpower solar inverters have passed Brazil Inmetro Certification test successfully. Thinkpower S series single phase 3kW-5kW can be widely applicable to residential projects. They have been already used in 100 countries and have a good reputation.

Thinkpower solar inverters will hit Brazil market and introduce the advanced technology to the local Brazil citizens. Furthermore, Thinkpower provides the most reliable and greatest efficient solar inverter solution to other clients all over the world.