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5kw solar grid tie system kit
5kw solar grid tie system kit

This 5.4kw Grid-tie System is designed around the Thinkpower S series 5kw inverter and 20 CSUN Solar Panels. Complete with MC4 extension cables, Thinkpower S5000TL inverter, durable IronRidge racking, AC disconnect/shutoff switch and an Electrical Design Drawing.

The key of every PV system is the inverter and we have included Thinkpower's new ultra-high efficiency transformerless inverters packed with features allowing you to convert the greatest amount of sunlight into usable energy.

  • Wide Voltage Range - Allows power generation in a variety of conditions
  • Triple Maximum Power Point Trackers - Increases design options and panel configurations
  • Transformerless Design - Reduces weight while increasing efficiency
  • Thinkpower Manager monitoring - Provides real time data to any home or mobile device

  • WIFI & GPRS communication- let your system online for monitoring