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Warranty terms

Warranty period

For the inverter you purchased, you receive a Thinkpower factory warranty valid for 5 years from the date of installation and no more than five and a half years from the delivery date from Wuxi Thinkpower New Energy Co.,Ltd. Standard 5 years factory warranty can be extended to 10 years.

Warranty policies

In case of a faulty inverter during the agreed Think Power factory warranty period, please report defective inverters with a brief error description to our service hotline for logging and send your warranty card to our service department by fax/email to process the warranty claim if you use the inverter for purposes of your self-employed business or professional activity. You may also contact our specific dealer or installer if your unit is defective or faulty.

If you are a private end-user, please contact your installer, or any Think Power authorized Dealer or Distributor.

To make a claim under the warranty terms of Think Power, you will need to supply us with the following information and documentation regarding the faulty inverter:

• Product Model No. (e.g. T2200TL) and serial number (e.g.T3310C4005).

• Copy of the invoice and warranty certificate for the inverter.

• Error message on LCD screen (if available) and additional information regarding the fault/error.

Detailed information about the entire system (modules, circuits, etc.).

If an inverter fails while it is under Think Power Factory Warranty, it will be:

Repaired by Think Power, or

Repaired on-site, or

Exchanged with a refurbished inverter that includes all firmware updates

If the inverter needs to be exchanged, the remainder of the factory warranty entitlement will be

transferred to the replacement unit, i.e. the warranty period of 66 months from production of the

original device will continue. In this event, you will not receive a new certificate, as this replacement

will be registered by Think Power. If the remaining warranty period is less than one year, you will

automatically receive a full year warranty for the remaining warranty period of the replacement unit.



This warranty includes all defects of design, components and manufacturing. Excluded from warranty are damages due to:

· Breaking the product seal (opening the casing) without proper approval

· Transport damage

· Incorrect installation or commissioning

· Failure to observe the user manual, the installation guide, and the maintenance regulations

· Unauthorized Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs

· Incorrect use or inappropriate operation

· Insufficient ventilation of the device

· Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations

· Force majeure (e.g., lightning, over voltage, storm, fire)



For inverters (T and S Series) you may apply for a warranty extension up to 24 months from the date of production from Think Power by providing the serial number of the unit. Thinkpower may reject any application received which does not meet the date requirement. Extended

warranty can be purchased for 10, 15, 20 or 25 years. For more details please refer to the Warranty Extension Order Form.

Once the purchase of the warranty extension has been processed, Think Power will send the warranty extension certificate to the customer confirming the extended warranty period.