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  • Q: Why inverter LCD screen shows E001 ?
    1. Disconnect DC isolater

    2. please check the panels string by string( plug in and plug out), and see if the panels connection were mixed "+" and "-"

    3. check if DC cables were broken

  • Q: How can i know if Thinkpower inverter still work?

    Thinkpower inverter has " no button" design, the advantage for this design can be extend the inverter's lifetime for outdoor installation. After installation, the inverter's LCD screen will shut down to save the power.

    when you want to know, if the inverter still workable, please doing as follow:

    1. go nearly by inverter
    2. use your hand knck the LCD screen, then LCD screen will turn on to show your system date

  • Q: Why inverter shows" P006" code? how we can solve it?
    1. when the LCD screen workable, please check the AC connection with grid, if the AC cable not fixed

    2. check the Grid voltage , frequncy range is same as inverter's range

  • Q: How can we use single phase inverter for 3 phase 380V Grid